hey all!
i had to make a new email for business as my old one wasnt recieving messages and had somehow malfunctioned.
so if you sent an order to the old email, im really really sorry if i didnt see it/respond, and please resend it to the new email, which is

also keep an eye out this weekend as ill be adding new shapes, some options to have designs on them, and packaging options!

- Paw prints

- Sea Shells

- Butterflies




(See the Bunny, Lamb, ducky, and egg/oval in the finished products page)

From top to bottom:



-nature symbols


(See the oval and bunny face on the finished products page



for anyone interested, ill be making homemade, ecofriendly, and vegan soaps! theyre available in red, blue, or yellow, and if the colors mix right there will also be green, orange, and purple and theyre all ovals! the scents are lavander and a ‘stress relief’ scent (I’ll tell you what exactly…

casually reblogging because ill be using this blog instead of the one i originallh made the post on so its easier for me to keep track of things
anyways heres the links (ill be listing them on etsy too whenever i figure out how to use that darn site):



(stress relief is the first link, lavender is the second)

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