I’m reformatting this whole thing again, just so everyone knows.  Also adding new things, and illl be making either a storeenvy or etsy account (whichever the free one is, lol)

in addition to the soaps I’ll now have available:

Sensory substances!:

- cloud dough

- flubber

- floam

(prices depend on amount you want)

some pretties:

- nebulae in a bottle or vile (bottle is $5, vile is $3. - subject to change depending on the container size) (this photo isnt mine, but only an example of what they look like until i can upload my own) 

-beaded necklace/anklet/braclet (price will depend on size, anywhere from 3-6 dollars)

-‘pearler bead’ magnet (50 cents)

things i have no real category for but i make by hand so yooo:

-HARRY POTTER NOTE BOOKS! okay they dont nessicarily have to be harry potter, those are just the ones ive done so far.  (price varies on the kind of note book you need and design you want.  it will generally the cost of the note book then +$1 for a really basic design likethis  but maybe plus $2 for something like this. it really depends on how much work it takes.

- RAT HAMMOCKS!  or maybe theyre for your ferret or sugar gliders or whatever.  I dont really care, just give your pet a place to snuggle.  (again, the price would really depend on cost of materials+work put in.  lets say a regular single flat hammock made with fabrick i already have will be around $3, and a double decker will be around $5, and a cube or tube around $7 -again prices may change depending on size and material)

-you can also commission me to draw you something (price would depend on what the thing is but it wouldnt ever be more than $10)

also for anyone interested i also have:

- an unused coach purse that was given to me as a ‘gift’ that i wont use because its leather that i just want GONE ($50)

-an 8gb ipod shufle with skullcandy headphones and the charger $(20)

-also i have a ton of old kids books and dvds, and build-a-bear clothes sets and some stuff like that but i didnt think that warranted its own post. -im also going to be selling my old rats’ cages because i dont need 101 cages lying around my house. theyre good for ferrets, rats, sugar gliders, all sorts of animals like that. im willing to also do a ‘local pickup’ kind of thing with those since if people live close enough to pick them up they shouldnt pay 10000 in shipping. im not sure how much ill ask for those, ill put up pictures and look up what they cost new online etc and see whats offered.

and of course i cant forget to link the things that started it all

- my soaps

hey all!
i had to make a new email for business as my old one wasnt recieving messages and had somehow malfunctioned.
so if you sent an order to the old email, im really really sorry if i didnt see it/respond, and please resend it to the new email, which is

also keep an eye out this weekend as ill be adding new shapes, some options to have designs on them, and packaging options!

- Paw prints

- Sea Shells

- Butterflies




(See the Bunny, Lamb, ducky, and egg/oval in the finished products page)

From top to bottom:



-nature symbols


(See the oval and bunny face on the finished products page